“Because you are our best ambassadors, you will find here the best pictures of our products from Instagram, in your houses, full of personnality. Nothing better to get inspired ! “
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Yasmine bonjour la smala


I dont get tired of this warm effect in the room

Freelance community manager, instagram tutor and photographer for pretty brands, the mumpreneur shares with us some moments of her life, her contagious energy through dance sessions, her taste for home decor and her love for small brands on her account @bonjourlasmala. In her little boy’s room she chose to create a jungle atmosphere with Gaspard le Guepard wall hanging. We are totally fan of the colors association, between the bi-color wall and kaki and orange tones !


Freelance Graphic designer and blogger on “Le Chient à Tâches”, this pretty thirty years old woman from Lille has a special gift to find the best decor element to give a soul to her interior !
Travelling and home decor addict, we are fond of her scandinavian atmosphere, her sens of colors, her crushes for small brands and her inspiring pictures. In her bright and simple design interior, she chose the Ochre leaf wall hanging to add a sunny color touch to her walls.

Thalie and co


I love those pieces putting rhythm in the room and the play on the looks of both characters, just like they were made to meet each other.

On her blog and her Instagram, Nathalie has no one similar to reveal and set beautiful pieces in her charming interior she had decorated with taste. In her interior, she had a crush for the “Coraux” cushion, the “Apollon beige” and “Three Apples” poster.

We were charmed by the beautiful “Graphic n° 13” poster from Maison Baluchon, added the “Apollon” of Shandor and the “Full of Love” from Papier collective. All of them match perfectly the row cabinet color and warm up the room.


I finally found time to set up decorations in the kids room like Gaspard le Guépard above Gaspard's new bed (perfect timing!)

No need to introduce you to Carine and Anne-Sophie, founders of “Hello Blogzine”, their blog is full of good addresses, dreamy home tours and fantastic deco advices! For her boy’s room Gaspard, Anne-Sophie fell for the small size of the wall hanging “Gaspard le Guépard”; She suspended it above a bed from “Petite Amélie” brand. No need to introduce you to Carine and Anne-Sophie, founders of “Hello Blogzine”, their blog is full of good addresses, dreamy home tours and fantastic deco advices! For her boy’s room Gaspard, Anne-Sophie fell for the small size of the wall hanging “Gaspard le Guépard”; She suspended it above a bed from “Petite Amélie” brand.

Julia behind the door


One of my favorite from the new collection is this beautiful cushion !

Young teacher, fond of art and deco, Julia shares on her account and blog her crushes :

“(…) I’m a real fan of Matisse, he is my favorite artist. I couldn’t resist for this cushion, inspired by his magnificient collages. I also love its soft velvet and delicate colors. (…) Just as the cushion, the poster “the spring” from Shandor was hitting on me for weeks.
I just love everything it has : its colors, its simple delicacy and its one-line technic.
Like Camille says on her Instagram “If Spring had a face, it’s how I would have imagine it : Primaire colors to awake senses, a dreamy look, inspired by nature and hair looking like a bird…”. I don’t have her talent to imagine a face to spring, but this one really speaks to me. What a beautiful face for a beautiful season !”

Gaelle blb


I was looking forward to receiving this wall hanging. I imagined it and I love it even more in real, at home

Gaëlle, known better as @gaelleblb on Instagram, is a fullfilled thirty-years-old living on the country side around Rennes. with her partner Sebastien and their lovely cocker spaniel, Milo, they moved in a fifties house they are renovating on their free time. We are falling for the peacefull and bohemian feeling ruling in each room of the house, thanks to the white tones and the many dries flowers. The Concerto wall hanging brings a subtle color touch in the living room.


I love it. This wall hanging replace the sun when it's gone. I love its color making me happy immediatly. The quality is fantastic. I think I'm falling for it!

Talented french illustrator and graphic designer, Laure Lhuillier shares her poetic and happy univers composed of constellations, wild animals, and tropical plants through her daily post illustrations on Instragram under the name of @arualhuilier (we are super fans!).
She fell for the wall hanging “the Ochre Leaf” representing a giant leaf, inspired by Matisse world, in a sunny color, full of vitamins and matches her tones!


Lovers and creative associates, this unbreakable couple are heads of the fantastic ADC creation studio. Images and objects designers, their univers is made of colors, row material and simple lines mixing photography, design, set design, stop motion and graphic design. In 2019 they published the book “Little Wood” (Eyrolles publishing) in which they taugh us how to build a child shed from A to Z, a marchant stand, a rocking boat and many more enlightening the use of environment-free materials and a no waste attitude.
Deborah chose the Gaspard le Guépard wall hanging to complete the beautiful illustrations of the book.


I don't get bored of my wall hangings, their graphic design and colors give a personnality to each room of my apartment. I find them timeless.

As a professionnal weaver, Amelie is fond of textile design and spends her free time making modern and abstract weaves in natural tones. Mum of 2 little tornados, she shares on her instagram @haroldetmaud her everyday parisian life and her beautiful decoration made of hunted antique pieces mixed with designers pieces and design furniture. For her living room, she suspended the “pink concerto” wall hanging in its biggest size above her sofa. It gives some character to her interior. Other posters and wall hangings are disseminated in her apartment, in her girls rooms, her workshop or her hallway.

So Deco Anne-Sophie Bariga


With this wall hanging in my office, I fell like I'm working in an art gallery ! This blue is so bright !

ex-artistic director in a marketing firm and fervent antiques hunter, Anne-Sophie made her passion for decoration into her job. Since 2008, she’s an interior design coach for professionals and individuals, bringing them advices and tips to embellish their living conditions. On her instagram, she shares with enthousiasm her everyday life, her inspirations, her findings and her fantastic interior design sketches. For her office decoration she chose the “blue leaf” wall hanging for which she made a custom-made frame.

Mathilde Dis Vague Shandor


On the right our wall welcomes the pretty abstract wall hanging made out of recycled fabric by Shandor Collection ! A pure beauty representative of this graphic brand with explosive colors. The Memphis and feminin atmosphere of this talented artist from Normandy made me fall for it.

Young and passionnated interior designer and stylist, Mathilde Dartois supports professionals and individuals in their interior design projects and helps them to hunt the pieces that will have the power to embellish their everyday life. On her instagram account, we discover through her posts the total renovation of an old house she just bought with her life partner, one of her best success! In her old apartment in Rouen, Mathilde had fell for the “pink concerto” wall hanging and the “Météore” cushion.

Deco de geekette Shandor


Some details count. This velvet cushion from Shandor and made in France is one of them!

On this fresh instragram account, we encourage you to follow, we can feel Aude’s love for design, vintage decoration and young designers she acquires and bring a unique character to her interior. We love this cosy corner calling for reading with the “Coraux” Cushion and close to light.


Soft velvet beauties, full of colors and made in France

Emmanuelle is a journalist and photographer specialized in hand craft, home , ecology, rurality and a different way of life. Passionate about home decoration, she created the newsletter “Manola” talking about ethic and aesthetic at home. In her interior you’ll find beautiful designer pieces. We find the “Azur” cushion she’s amused to move in every room of the apartment and the “prélude crème” poster on her living room wall.


My Apollo found a place on my favorite furniture and brings a warm and graphic touch to this corner, making it my favorite corner of the apartment

Architect in Nancy for three years now, Clémence is passionated about interior design and DIY. In her instagram and blog, she loves finding new ideas on internet and social medias. To decorate her beautiful apartment, she chose the poster “Apollo” in its terracotta colors and exhibits it in Furniture shelf from the brand “String”. On another wall she has hung our calendar she downloaded on our website for free, aesthetic and pratical !

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