Wall Hanging the Ochre Leaf


This wall hanging with simple designs is inspired by the gouache paintings of Matisse evocating contours of a floral and végétal form. This vibrating color is an tribute to the painter who used exclusively colors to paint. Easy to hang, roll and store, it decorates your interiors according to your desires. Inspired by modern art and interior design, combinations of abstract forms and colours invite contemplation and meditation.
Also available in Blue and Terracotta colors

Available in 3 sizes:
– Small size 45 x 70 cm
– Medium size 70 x 90 cm
– Large size 90 x 130 cm

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  • Made in France
  • Material: Polyesther, wood sticks made out of french spuces
  • Hanging system included (wood sticks and string)

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Depending on the available stock, some curtains are made to order, allow a delivery time of about 15 to 20 days.

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